Thank you for your interest in having me minister with you.
To assist you in securing an engagement,
please follow these guidelines.

All letters of invitation should be
submitted on church / ministry
letterhead and mailed to:

Rev. Dr. Cecelia GreeneBarr
P.O. Box 714
Walled Lake, MI 48390

Preliminary email requests may be sent to;

MissionFish with  Rev. Dr. Cecelia E. GreeneBarr

Authority for the Church rests upon the shoulders of Christ, and authority to proclaim Christ rests upon His servants. Through "Your Sunday Worship" a weekly television broadcast, Dr. GreeneBarr is making Christ known throughout the southeastern region of Michigan.

Vision that stays locked inside the imagination can become a haunting nightmare. In God’s time, vision must be birthed. GreeneHouse LLC is designed to cultivate and birth vision for ministry, leadership & clergy development, publishing of the written word and television production. GreeneHouse takes the God idea and grows it into a Kingdom resource.

God has a word for your life and is beyond the walls of a building…that is beyond the confines of denomination…that is beyond the limits of your past experiences. Sharing Faith Ministries is the Prophetic Ministry of Dr. GreeneBarr whereby she proclaims God’s word, using a variety of avenues to all who have ears to hear.

As Priest and Prophet, Dr. GreeneBarr takes bold steps to advance the Kingdom of God. She serves as the first female pastor of Smith Chapel AME Church; a leading congregation within the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the city of Inkster, Michigan.

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